HG Aquaponics Guide:

Part 1: Getting Started

This is the first of several parts in the HG Aquaponics Guide. Additional guide parts will be e-mailed as they become available. Normally you should see the next e-mail in about a week. We appreciate your patience. If you are not subscribed, click here and fill out the free guide form.


What is Aquaponics?


Technical Description: Aquaponics is the blending of aquaculture (fish-keeping) and hydroponics (growing plants without soil). In an aquaponic system the fish, plants, and various bacteria form a symbiotic group: the fish eat food and excrete waste. The fish waste is consumed by the bacteria which break it down in to nitrates, which are absorbed by the plants. This cycle helps clean the water of waste products, which keeps the over-all system habitable.


Easy Description: You have fish and you have plants. The plant lives in some sort of container like you would normally expect (except not using the soil you are used to). The fish live in a different container. The plant get's it's water from the fish container. Plants need food to live, which they also get from the fish water. The fish need clean water. This process of the plant eating and drinking from the fish water cleans the water too! It's clean, organic, natural and fun.


After you set up the aquaponics system, it is an easy to maintain, amazing way to grow plants!

Take a look at the pictures below, they are just a few examples of some aquaponics setups. These setups range from the amazing 'ultimate' system (probably costing thousands of dollars to build) to the ultra simple garden that uses mostly items found in the garage. It is up to you how big or how small you make your system. You can choose to have a well designed, beautiful to look at system, or just a basic - get the job done type.

For now, start to think about what size garden you would like. It is a good idea to start small if you have never done any gardening, or only outdoor traditional soil based gardening. After you have hands-on success it will be much easier to scale your system up. For example, you might consider building a simple one or two plant system that will fit in the corner of a room.


Here is a diagram to help understand what happens. Keep in mind your system may look like this, or may look completely different:



In future parts of this guide we will present additional pictures and information to help you learn more and move forward in this great method of gardening.


Watch your e-mail for the next part of the aquaponics guide!




While you are waiting for the next part, check out the "Ultimate Aquaponics (click here)" eBook for plans and detailed information to build an aquaponics garden. Be sure to let us know what you think about the eBook, and we may feature a review in the future.


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